The Rollins Agency, Inc

The Rollins Agency

“I have known Tom for more than 10 years now and have always been able to reach out to him for advice and counsel regarding financial questions. In late 2011, we engaged in an in-depth study of how best to proceed and plan for perpetuation, growth and financial reporting. This included implementing some processes that better position us as we look forward to the future. His advice and counsel during this process proved invaluable to my partner and brother Charles Rollins as well as our other partners.”

“When we came to negotiate our sale to Brown & Brown, the process was difficult for us on so many levels, but most of all on an emotional level since we have been in business for over 103 years. We could not have navigated through this process without the help of Sukay & Associates, Inc. They not only helped us through the financial and operational hurdles, but were able to use their experiences to assist us in the emotional and transitional part of the process.”

Markham F. Rollins III

The Rollins Agency, Inc




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