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Sukay & Associates, Inc. is a financial advisory firm that focuses exclusively on representing insurance agencies and brokers in business transactions including insurance agency valuation.  Whether you’re selling an insurance agency or looking to buy we can help! We work closely with a limited number of clients, at one time, to ensure that we exceed expectations and deliver superior results. Sukay & Associates was founded because of a real need for advisors who have been responsible for the execution and the post-closing success of a deal. Most advisors are not experts in creating value for their clients. If you are looking for experienced insurance agency valuation and advisors who will work tirelessly on your behalf, please contact us.

With each and every one of our clients we want to achieve the essence of a true partnership. Our priority is to understand our client’s goals and take every step with them to achieve those goals. While many advisors try to copy our approach, none can duplicate it. Nobody has our experience and works harder to achieve our client’s goals.

Tom Sukay
CEO, Sukay & Associates

We are truly committed to achieving our clients’ goals; we are not just involved. Our combined deal experience and insurance experience is not something that can be matched by our competitors.

John Biasiello
President, Sukay & Associates

I met Tom Sukay in February 2013 after reading a whitepaper he wrote on Internal Perpetuation. We met and established an immediate raptor. The shareholders of CBS were at or near the age when most individuals begin to consider retirement and the need to perpetuate their business. We were one of the fortunate agencies who had multiple options to choose from. There were two legacies in the business. In addition, CBS was very attractive since it was located in a major metropolitan market and it had reached a size that potential buyers would find very appealing. Tom and John Biasiello began a process where they thoroughly reviewed the agency while performing a financial and operational review. They worked with the legacies to develop a plan for perpetuation. They walked us through the risks and benefits of both an internal and external sale. The process was never rushed. Most importantly, both John and Tom were available at all times to discuss any facet of our plan. They realized that CBS was our life work and they were aware of the emotional challenges that we faced while making the decisions. Our final deal was more complicated than most transactions. Tom and John organized a plan which made its execution easier on all parties. I highly recommend Sukay & Associates as an advisor if you are planning to perpetuate your agency.

Gerry Levy
President and CEO, CBS Coverage Group

We selected Sukay & Associates for two primary reasons.  First, after several early meetings it was clear that John Biasiello and Tom Sukay were two individuals that would be able to understand and communicate our unique business model.  Secondly, they have an unmatched reputation for integrity and effort.

Jefferey S. Lejfer, CPCU
CEO, New Day Underwriting

The Value of Your Agency

As a firm, we believe an accurate valuation is part of our responsibility and the foundation of a great working relationship – even if that is further in the future. Because of this we, unlike most firms, offer free insurance agency valuations for those who qualify.

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Insurance Agency Valuation

What is an insurance agency valuation?  It’s a process to determine what your insurance agency is worth.  It’s important to know these factors when you decide to sell an insurance agency.  Determining what your insurance agency is worth can be a tricky thing to accomplish! But a professional insurance evaluation is much more accurate if done by a professional.  Our insurance consulting services include insurance agency acquisition, insurance M&A, insurance agency valuations, and more!

Insurance Consulting

By hiring us for your insurance consulting needs we can establish and help determine what policy best fits your needs.  Helping you get the right policy and product for your lifestyle including life insurance, health insurance, and more.  Evaluating your insurance needs will match you with the best products saving you time and money.  When trying to research insurance products on your own you may find it difficult to understand certain stipulations and requirements.  Our insurance consultants can help answer each question you may have and explain why each part of the plan is important or what isn’t important in your situation.  Insurance consulting can help reduce stress, confusion, and help you get only the products and services you need.

Insurance M&A

Because insurance Acquisition and mergers can have their own risks and problems in the process.  Therefore our insurance M&A professionals will quickly help and discover any type of problematic areas that could arise.  Because of these risks, it’s important to have a professional evaluate and look over your insurance acquisition or merger.  If done correctly the benefits can outweigh the risks and in the end, everyone wins!  Having the experience to handle even the toughest of Insurance acquisitions, insurance agency valuation, insurance M&A and more!

Buy an Insurance Agency

If you are looking to buy an insurance agency it’s important to have a good insurance agency valuation performed.  It’s important because of the risks involved and could cost you a lot more down the road if it’s not performed by a true professional.  Also keep in mind that it’s a large investment of time, money, and motivation.  However, if done correctly the rewards will far exceed the risks!  Therefore you should ultimately have the best insurance agency valuation performed.  You also should consider their experience, here at Sukay & Associates we have the experience to handle even the most difficult insurance M&A transactions.

When you decide to buy an insurance agency

Whether you want to buy or sell an insurance agency here at Sukay & Associates we have your best interest in mind!

A few things to keep in mind if you are looking to buy an insurance agency is are looking to purchase a small agency?  What is the true value of the agency?  Who is the market?

These are just a few of the things you should know before initializing a purchase.   Buying an insurance agency can be a very rewarding acquisition but also can be a tedious task if not done correctly.  At Sukay & Associates, we can help make sure the transition goes smoothly, ensure you get a true insurance agency valuation helping with the peace of mind that it’s done correctly and help you make the right purchase.

Selling an Insurance Agency

So you have decided you want to look into selling an insurance agency?  There are some critical areas you should ensure you cover before placing your insurance agency for sale.  Making sure you plan and execute everything is very important and could cost you thousands if not planned correctly.  When selling an insurance agency if you take the time and plan in advance you can avoid many common mistakes and problems.  What is my business worth?  This is where an accurate insurance valuation is important because if done incorrectly could be a very costly mistake.  By improving your companies profitability could increase your business valuation thus being a much better investment.

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