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Why hire Sukay & Associates, Inc., not another advisor or none at all?


Our Unique Difference

We are often asked one simple question:  Why should we hire Sukay & Associates, Inc. and not another advisor or none at all?

Our advisory services prioritize providing comprehensive and valuable guidance, rather than focusing solely on sales.. We believe strongly in our company and our approach. The primary things that make us different are our Commitment to achieving our client’s goals and the Experience we have gained throughout our professional careers.

 We do not enter a relationship with any preconceived idea of what the client is trying to achieve. We work hard to try to understand the goals from everyone’s perspective.

We will explain all of the different strategies and options along with the benefits and risks associated with each option. We have a clear understanding of the insurance business.  We were top executives responsible for the financial and operational aspects of one of the largest agencies in the United States.

Personal Integrity

We have built our careers on the premise that personal integrity is the foundation for success. The sale of your business may be the single most important decision of your career.

As a result, we will work tirelessly to achieve our client’s goals. These goals, which will be discussed at the earliest stage and revisited throughout the representation, helping ensure that we are continuously in sync with our clients.

We view each engagement and transaction as if we were the owner of the business. With years of professional experience negotiating transactions and executing deals, we understand that the success will be measured after the closing.

We believe in spending the time to find the best match between the Buyer and Seller.

Superior Service

Our experience is that Top Executives in many advisory firms are often involved at the beginning of a client engagement and during the final negotiations, leaving the most critical part of the review to be performed by junior members of the firm.

We believe that a client should expect the best in all stages of the process. Sukay & Associates is committed to having the most experienced people involved in every facet of negotiations, the business review and post-closing integration.

Sukay & Associates

We are a financial advisory firm that focuses exclusively on representing companies in business transactions. Our specialty is in all areas of the insurance business, but we have helped other types of businesses achieve their goals. We work closely with a limited number of clients, at one time, to ensure that we exceed expectations and deliver superior results. Our focus is typically on businesses with revenues between $2.5 million and $25 million, located within major metropolitan areas.

Sukay & Associates was founded because of a real need for advisors who have been responsible for the execution and the post-closing success of a transaction. Most advisors are not experts in creating value for their clients. If you are looking for experienced advisors who will work tirelessly on your behalf, please contact us.

With a wealth of experience behind our executive team, Sukay & Associates understand how important a professional and superior experience is to our clients. Our priority is to understand our client’s goals and taking every step with them to achieve these goals. We believe our responsibility is to offer exceptional service to each and every one of our clients.

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