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As we predicted, the M&A market is very active right now.
We are getting a lot of calls from Agency Owners who are exploring their options, and they want to know “Why Sukay?”.

Our Difference

The reality is, it is hard for us to define our value proposition when we first meet our clients without sounding self-servant. There is never a question of our value once we close a transaction. That is when our clients clearly understand our value and why they don’t have any problem referring us to their friends.
If you are considering going through the process, contact us to discuss your options. Our initial consultation and valuation services are complimentary for qualified agencies.

Why Sukay

1.)  We will never do anything that is not in our clients’ best interest.  It is our founding principle for a reason.
2.)  We have been doing transactions in this space for 18 years on both sides of the transaction.
3.)  John has been an insurance agency professional for 35 years.  He has held senior-level positions including “C” level positions with International and Regional Insurance Brokers.
4.)  We understand the transaction from both sides of the deal.
5.)  We understand the buyers and the value proposition they provide to our clients.
6.)  95% of our transactions are referrals from our clients.
7.)  There is no secondary level of employees that do the work.  If you hire us you get us. (vs a MBA student that does not understand the business)
8.)  When we compete against others for clients our closing rate is 80%.
9.)  We have long-term relationship with our clients.
10.) We only try to do a limited amount of transactions per year because we want to make sure we deliver a level of service that is not matched by our competition.