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Do You Know How Much Your Insurance Agency is Worth?

For a Limited Time, Our Valuation Services are Free.

Why Spend up to $10,000 to find out?

We believe answering the question “What is my agency worth?” is our responsibility and the foundation of a great working relationship – even if that is in the future.

Because of that, we are offering Free Valuations for a limited time to those who qualify.*

Please fill out the form to request your valuation so we can contact you to discuss this no-obligation offer.

*Please note, our free valuation services are offered for independent insurance agencies with at least $3M in revenue (not premium). We, unfortunately, can not offer our free services for agencies under this threshold.  

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The Value of Your Insurance Agency

It is one topic that each and every agency owner wants to discuss. It would be nice if we had one simple answer. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer.

It is impossible to estimate the value of an insurance agency without performing a financial analysis. Earnings of an agency are the main influencing factor, however, there are 9 factors that we take into consideration.

As a firm, we believe in answering the question above is our responsibility and the foundation of a great working relationship – even if that is in the future.

What will you get with a Valuation?

  • Honest assessment
  • Direction
  • Confidence
  • An understanding of how the buyers look at the business.
  • You will get to know how we work and experience parts of the process.
  • You will see our experience firsthand and how we approach issues.
  • You will get to know us as individuals and can decide if we are a good fit for you.

You can contact us directly to discuss this process or fill out the form on this page.

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Satisfied Customers

“A few years ago, I met with Sukay & Associates and they asked me about the agency and if we had considered selling.  We said no because we still had a lot of energy and enthusiasm at that time and it just didn’t feel right. Then, earlier this year, the four of us got together and discussed selling. We called Sukay & Associates and met again with Tom Sukay. Tom was the clincher.  When we spoke to him we could tell he had vast experience. From the first conversation, Tom put us at ease. We knew we’d made the right decision.

Tom and John Biasiello interviewed each of us and discussed what we wanted to get out of the business and why we had decided to sell. This helped us understand our own reasons better and let us explain it in our own way. When you decide to do this, you have your own reasons.  It was really helpful to have the chance to discuss those reasons at the beginning.

Tom and John produced a marketing book that defined the value within the agency. That book was one of the things that impressed us the most. You can see Tom and John’s experience in that book and experience speaks volumes. They knew what we needed, they were able to identify everything, because you could tell they’d seen it before.”

Behnke & Associates

“Tom & John realized that CBS was our life work and they were aware of the emotional challenges that we faced while making the decisions. Our final deal was more complicated than most transactions. Tom and John organized a plan which made its execution easier on all parties. I highly recommend Sukay & Associates as an advisor if you are planning to perpetuate your agency.”

Gerry Levy

President and CEO, CBS Coverage Group

“When we came to negotiate our sale to Brown & Brown, the process was difficult for us on so many levels, but most of all on an emotional level since we have been in business for over 103 years. We could not have navigated through this process without the help of Sukay & Associates, Inc. They not only helped us through the financial and operational hurdles, but were able to use their experiences to assist us in the emotional and transitional part of the process.”

Markham Rollins III

The Rollins Agency