As we approach the holiday season, it is only natural for agency owners to take stock of what they have accomplished this year.  They are thankful for another year that they have successfully navigated their way through the changes in Carrier Appetites, Technology Changes, Human Resource issues and other threats to their business. They are thankful for the loyal clients that have stuck with them over the years and understand the value that they bring to the table when it comes to protecting them against risk. It is also the time that many agency owners take a deep breath before those January renewals and try to understand what the value of their agency is worth. As you will see below, a good way to determine this is through an insurance agency appraisal.  

They see many of their competitors selling to the larger public brokers or private equity players, and others that have entered the marketplace and they might be curious about what they would be worth or maybe they would wonder how much more they could offer their clients by being a part of a larger organization or maybe they just want to remain independent but would love to just know the value of their business after all the hard work that they put in this year and every year in their business. 

What is an Insurance Agency Appraisal?

It may seem self-explanatory, but let’s dig in a bit on this. We all know that two insurance firms earning identical amounts of revenue could be earning a completely different amount of profit. The earnings of a firm or only small glimpses into the firm’s overall big picture and potential long-term worth. For instance, one firm could be on a growth trajectory, another could be flat or show.

These two firms, while they offer identical revenue, have could have different values to buyers. This means their insurance agency valuation will produce different results. There are many things that can affect an insurance agency valuation, including:

  • Geographic Location
  • Revenue size
  • Age of Management
  • Profitability
  • and more

For more details on this and more reasons values can be different please see our write up on the “9 Indicators of value”




Because of these indicators,  it is not at all uncommon for agencies with similar revenue and profit numbers to have different valuations.

The type of insurance agency appraisal you’ll need will vary according to the reason why you require the appraisal in the first place.

We understand that knowing that value is important to our current clients and also potential clients out there. That is why we are willing to value your business for no cost if you qualify. Everyone deserves to know the value of their effort.  

Insurance Agency Appraisal Services

Are you in need of an insurance agency appraisal? Don’t trust this important take to just anyone. Let Sukay & Associates handle this important task for you, putting our years of service as financial advisors to the insurance industry to work on your behalf. Contact us today by calling 215-208-8519 or by email to learn more about the invaluable services we have to offer you.

Complimentary Insurance Agency Valuations

As a firm, we believe answering the question “How much is my agency worth?” is part of our responsibility and the foundation of a great working relationship – even if that is further in the future. Because of this we, unlike most firms, offer free insurance agency valuations for those who qualify. Click below to apply.