Sale of The Rollins Agency Shows the Value of Long-Term Partnerships

Sukay & Associates is proud to announce that it acted as the financial advisory firm for The Rollins Agency in its sale that was announced on Monday. The deal, which concluded last week, marks the end of a 2-year relationship between The Rollins Agency and Sukay & Associates.

Sukay & Associates spoke with pride about the conclusion of the deal, “We were first engaged by The Rollins Agency in 2011 as their financial advisor. We maintained our advisory relationship whenever parties expressed an interest in Rollins. Thankfully, we were successful this year in concluding a deal. This is particularly special for us because we’ve been involved with Rollins for so long.”

Sukay felt that the long-term relationship gave Sukay & Associates a greater understanding of its client and a huge advantage in finding a buyer. “We treat each deal with an effort and emotional attachment that no other advisor can match. However, this deal was different because we knew the client so well. We knew how important this deal was to them and to their future, both personally and professionally. We worked as if we were working on achieving our own personal and professional goals.”

Mark Rollins added his satisfaction with Sukay & Associates advice on the deal. “This process was difficult for us on so many levels, but most of all on an emotional level since we have been in business for over 103 years. We could not have navigated through this process without the help of Sukay & Associates, Inc. They not only helped us through the financial and operational hurdles, but were able to use their experiences to assist us in the emotional and transitional part of the process.”

The Rollins Agency’s strong reputation added an extra complexity to the deal according to Sukay, “This deal was also different because of the reputation of The Rollins Agency and Mark and Chuck Rollins. In most deals, you approach a small number of buyers. In the case of Rollins, the field was much larger since so many people had approached Rollins over the years. We felt an obligation to work with any party that had expressed a genuine interest in them. That meant creating extensive marketing materials and conducting numerous meetings to find the right buyer.”

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